Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello lovely people of the page, today in my naughty box I thought I would ask you a few questions about what you consider erotica.
 I write along a BDSM line of genre with strong dominate males who are also loving and compassionate. The females are independent but with a sexually submissive side.

So I pose to all of you. What are your preferred erotic endeavors? If you write it or if you read it, what kinds of scenes and encounters tickle your fancy?

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I hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to your comments and ideas of what you find erotic.

Much love

Monday, January 28, 2013

Get to Know me and My Tastes

Hello, This is my first attempt at a blog post so bear with me while I figure out exactly how to talk about myself and my work. I am an erotic author and an avid book reader. I will read just about anything and love to help promote my fellow authors. So for the time being this blog will be dedicated to my first published work and the story I have coming out in an anthology in Feburary. I will also post reviews and links to other erotic works I have read and reccomend. I will eventually get into doing blog tours and even have guest posting events. There maybe some books that I review and reccomend that are not erotic in nature at times. So now that I have bored you to tears with what I plan on doing with this blog. I will give you a sample of my writing and see if it peaks your interest at all in my books.

The Black Lily Club is a BDSM themed paranormal erotica. It has a heat level as inferno from my publisher. Blurb:
Jasmine is a woman with a history of bad relationships and an inability to find a man to satiate her needs. One day she receives an invitation to an exclusive private club. What the hell, might as well give something different a try before swearing off men all together…right?

Marcus is a two hundred year old vampire who owns The Black Lillie Club, a safe place for vampires to seek their mates and partake in their darkest desires. He has been searching for his soul mate since his turning.

Can the Vampire who created this haven finally find his true soul mate? Can Jasmine find bliss in the hands of a stranger?

Contains: spanking, whips, cuffs, and strong BDSM scenes

Samples Scene:
I don’t know if it’s the wine, the atmosphere, or that voice in my head that

has me asking him, “Would you like to show me any of the other rooms?”

His smiles dangerously as he replies,” I thought you would never ask.” Leading me

to the doors along the back wall he turns,” Up or down?”

Knowing he means private or playroom. I decide public playroom sounds safest at

this point. I was never into public displays and I am not sure I can contain myself if

we are in private. I really need to know what I am getting myself into,” Down.”

Walking down the stairs the sounds from the playroom reach my ears. I hear

moaning, screaming, and the distinct whistle of whips being whirled through the

air; right before the loud crack reverberates through my bones. I feel my heart race

as adrenaline floods my system. I am scared. I do not know if I can do this. I don’t

even know anyone who does it.