Friday, April 19, 2013

Closure by Kim Carmichael

Today we are going to take at look at the book Closure by Kim Carmichael a release by Hot Ink Press..
My review::
Kim Carmichael's Closure is a well written story of love and closure.

Riley is a confident and success full woman, now. She was a unique and different teenager. Having re-invented herself after being scorned by the man she was in love with in high school. Then called to a meeting for the publisher she works for, in walks in none other than the man who scorned her back then.

Mike Taylor is a successful businessman, in town on business. He finds himself attracted to not only Riley's beauty but her strength. There is something about her that leaves him at a loss of the control he so highly maintains in his life.

There are secrets to be revealed and steamy scenes that are well written. Can Riley finally find closure after all these years or will the secrets she holds so close to her heart be the end of any chance at it?

The plot flows well and the sex scenes are well written with well developed characters you will love.
I highly reccomend this book to anyone looking for a great read. 18+

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday full of Sin

Today I thought maybe I would give you a Sunday of Sin and delight with an excerpt from The Black Lily Club. This is my first published work. It was published in OCT 2012. I am currently rewriting it. To bring you the answers to the questions left untold in the first version. For those of  you wanting more of Jasmine and Marcus.. this is going to be the more..

Stop.” His command freezing me in place. “Strip.”
I shed my clothes, with trembling fingers. I can't see his face, but his voice pours over my heated body.
After I remove the last of my clothes, I drop to my knees in front of him. I assume to position he requests, on my knees, legs spread, hand resting on my thighs palms up. I raise my chin and lower my eyes, racking my brain to make sure this is the correct position.
The flicker in my peripheral vision alerts me to his movements. I strain to stay still and not fidget. I've learned so much from his this last few days. I enjoy the look of approval that flashes in his eyes, when I please him.
The cool leather encases my wrist, then my ankles. My body hums with delight. The thin strap he places around my neck, sends a shiver down my spine. The clicking of a clasp, and I feel a tug. Marcus has just leashed me.
“Stand, pet, we are going to the dungeon.”
I stand on trembling legs. He has never taken me to the dungeon. There are other people down there. He pulls me closer to him, the scent of sandalwood and pine fills me head.
“Are you going to be a good girl?
I nod an affirmative. My voice lodged in my throat. The fire racing through my system, burning a path of fear through me. I'm not ready for this.
“I need a vocal answer pet.” He jerks my head upright, forcing me to meet his gaze.
“Yes.” It's a raspy whisper. Sir, may I ask why we are going to the dungeon?”

You may ask, but that doesn't mean I'll give you an answer. I'm your Master and I choose where we play. Do you understand?”

Yes Sir.” I lower my eyes.

“Good. Let's go.” Marcus heads into the elevator dragging me along behind him leashed like an animal.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Kim McNiel present's Caleb

Kim McNiel is a good ole' country girl at heart. She was born and raised in a small Texas town called Spring. As the mother of three, she spent most of her adult life dedicated to raising her family. With her children almost grown, she decided to fulfill her dream of writing. Her best friend, told her 'pen to paper sweetie, never give up, and never let anyone tell you that you CAN'T--" she heeded his advice and didn't. She writes contemporary and steamy romance and several memoir pieces on the back burner.

Caleb loves the ladies and can’t keep his ego in his pants. With a new set of legs to wrap around him every two nights, he never thinks about what he’d do if Sarah caught him - until she does.

The repercussions are cataclysmic, giving him a second chance at life. Who is Caleb really? The ego or the man he professes to be? This playa plays to win.

For those of you looking for a little teaser for this new release from Hot Ink Press...

Stopping at the florist on the way home, I pull in and pick up a dozen pink roses for Sarah. Yes, sucking ass big time.

Hey, if it works…then I’ll be all good. When I’m good, everyone is good. God forbid I get red roses, she’d want to run off to the fucking chapel. That isn’t going to happen to me, not in this lifetime anyways. I stroll in the house.

"I’m home babe," I yell out, dropping the folder on the table.

"Upstairs," Sarah yells back. I know this tone.

Skipping two steps at a time, I follow the circular staircase. I dodge the hanging chandelier with my head. Something else she had to have, forgetting I am well over six fucking feet tall.

"Hi darling, these are for you," I hand her the flowers.

"Why? Because you slammed the phone down in my ear earlier?"

And…here we go! She’s such a bitchacoholic.

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My review... 5 Hot Stars.. *****

Caleb is a smooth talking hottie.. you will hate him, but get sucked into his charming ways.. Living with the woman who loves him and does everything for him, from being the perfect trophy to supporting his business. He changes woman like night turns to day you know it's going to happen and you just can't help but be pulled along. His lies build, his buddies back him up, until his world comes to a screeching hault.

The sex is steamy, the man is so bad you will hate to love him. The ending will leave you twisted and tied in knots. Great Read..Hate the player not the game,, right? We shall see..
Definate must read..