Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Friday.. how about a review???

This review is for the third book in the Pravus series by Poppet.. I am so in love with these books.. I purchased this series in paperback even after I read the kindle versions.. just because I can..


Betrayal catapults Zaria back into Zauran's life. Bo┼żena is a poisoned thorn in Zaria's side and her world comes crashing down as violence, betrayal, kidnapping and death threaten to rip her from love.

A king's key is the only bridge between Zaria and happiness, and only Jowendrhan and Sveta know the secrets unraveling Belgrade. An ancient book blocks Zaria from knowing true light when she needs it most.

The neuri world reels as the king returns and complicates all their lives, and the Slakax are revealed, endangered, and hunted.

This is book 3 in the Pravus series of paranormal romance

My Review:

Zaria has been incontent in her relationship with her Redemmed Vampyre for a while. Finding him kissing a woman who looks just like her is the last straw. She flees to the only safe place her heart knows, Zauran.
Zauran has loved Zaria since he first laid eyes on her and promises to always be her safe place no matter what she needs.
But the king of the Neuri's is back in town. Just when Zaria and Zauran have found the love of the heart and souls desire, turmoil and broken rules threaten to tear them apart. The war between Vampyre and Neuri is centuries long. Can their love stand the trials they are about to be put through.
Poppet takes you on an explosive adventure of soul searching emotions. You will meet the king of the Neuri. There will be blood. There will be rules broken which were meant to protect humanity. There will be the discovery of a long thought lost race of pure light.
This is a book you will not put down. On the edge of your seat you will be in for an emotions ride so deep you will feel the tears and fears of these characters. You will be left wanting more.
I loved this book and can't wait for SVETE the first in the Neuri series

Book one in the Pravus series Seithe

Book two in the Pravus series Venix:

And you can get your copy of Zauarn, book three in the Pravus series here:

Poppet is one of my all time favortie authors. She has a writing style that is riveld by no one out there past or present. Her ability to weave a world of magic within reality is beyond any expectations. This is an author you will not want to miss out on.

You can keep up with her here on facebook here:!/pages/Poppet/197111090356326?fref=ts

and of course on amazon her author page is:

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