Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I know I had said Monday.. but how about a teaser tuesday.. this is from my current shifter erotica that is sitll a work in progress.. it's takes place in the same town and settings as The Black Lily Club.. we even get to revisit Jasmine and Marcus a little more indepth and get to know a few of the workers from the club.. There may even be another story in the works for one of the  men you will just have to stick around and see.

Allya has been on the run all of her adult life. Running from the arragments her father made. Running from destiny herself.
Anthony is the alpha of the local shifter pack. Searching for his mate. Many single shifter females are vying for that attention, but one in particular. Then the new girl breezes into town and a whole new game is about to be played.

Can you really out run destiny? Can the one thing that Allya fears the most, be the thing that finally saves her in the end? Can Anthony calm a skittish wolf and earn her trust?

When she finally looks up at me I am lost in the sea of blue, before my brain registers my actions, I lean down. Her breath skates across my lips moments before I press my mouth to hers. She stands there not pulling away, taking that as consent, I gently lick her bottom lip. Placing my hands around her slim waist pulling her to me. She gasps as our bodies connect, I explore her mouth with my tongue gently invading her. The taste of fresh vanilla and cream washes over me. She arches into me molding her body to mine, soft curves meet hard planes,perfectly. Her hands slide delicately through my hair, as the scent of her arousal assaults my being. A soft moan escapes her lips. I pull away ending the kiss, to trail nips and licks down her jaw and onto her neck. Her pulse hammering in her throat.
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