Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine Blog Hop

Have you ever had a really bad valentine's date or a really good one? Well I am going to share one of mine worst dates ever. Now as per usual standards names have been changed to protect the innocent or just the plain ignorant in some cases.

I had been dating this guy for about five months. We had planned to go to dinner and just spend the day together. We ended up eating fast food off the value menu and spent the rest of the day trying to track down his friends to hang out with. He didn't even remember it was valentine's day until the day was almost over. His only saving grace. His mother had remembered and bought me a single chocolate rose, for him to give me. Of course he didn't even give it to me until the next day because well he couldn't be drawn away from his friend's long enough to give me the time of day. I was young at the time. Still in high school but I do believe it jaded my opinion on the falsehoods of love and a day of the year. Why must we only profess our love for each other one commercial holiday of the year. If you are truly in love shouldn't you show it to each other every day? Let me know what you think.

So tell me what kind of valentine's have you encountered in your years. Good or bad. I want to hear about them.. One random commentor will win a ebook copy of Cupid's Chokehold the new erotic anthology from Hot Ink Press.

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  1. Hi Chelle,

    Since I got married, my valentines dates have been the best, we may not go out every year, but we spend it together, we always tell each other we love the other, We believe you should, my best Valentines day was the first year of marriage before we had children, lol, he took me for a romantic meal to my favourite restaurant, then he took me clubbing and he actually danced, something he does not do, lol, and then went home for a night of pure bliss, we spent the next day in bed too, only getting up to find something to eat, My favourite Valentines ever, x x

  2. My best Valentine's Day was when my husband brought home a bag full of chick flicks, some pizza and cheesecake. It was a wonderful, romantic evening. I <3 simple romance.

  3. I don't care much for Valentine's day, but I do love grand gestures. You have a lovely place here Chelle :).

  4. I had my best and worst Valentine's Day ever in 2004. It was the day my divorce became final, marking the end of a significant period of my life. That Valentine's Day was also the day I moved in with my second husband, (then boyfriend). I was excited and nervous, worried I'd fail at another relationship, but full of hope. We promised each other, that day, to make every day count. We haven't celebrated Valentine's Day as a special holiday since, but every day we still show each other how much we love and appreciate each other and the life we've built together.