Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Sunday Sunday

So it's Sunday, the weekend is coming to a close. The family heads back to work tomorrow and the kids back to school. What do you do with yourself now?

I need to write. I need to finish another story. Why because I am stalled. As a new author I have found I apparently have the dog from the movie UP syndrome.. You know every time a squirrel runs by I get distracted. I write.. then on let's check facebook.. oh I have lives on my game.. oh okay now I am all dead.. I write... oh whats on the news.. checks that... write.. oh is that the mail man... write.. oh wonder what mom's doing.. call mom.. write.. oh no the kids just got off the bus.. no more time to write..

I am pretty sure that equates to about one paragraph of actual writing.. So I am asking you all.. How to you force your self to write.. When self doubt creeps up and keeps your muse in ADD mode..

What are the ways you can make yourself finish something?

I have found that now that I am home all day I tend to overestimate the time I have alone and write less than when I worked 40 hours a week..

So tell me oh wise ones.. what is your schedule and how to you keep it?

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