Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Teaser..

I know it is late in the day, but I thought I would post a little Tuesday teaser anyways... This is from The Black Lily Club.

She is breathing hard, her breast rising and falling twinkling the bells on the end of the clamps.
Sweat has broken out on her brow. I smell her arousal; its perfume permeating all of my senses.
 Stepping to the end of the bed, I watch as she adjusts to the new sensations.

I run the flogger softly over her legs and belly She trembles at the touch. Not out of fear, I could
 smell that. She is excited. Writhing on the bed searching for the next touch, it is a beautiful sight.
 I bring the flogger down harder onto her thighs. She gasps but doesn’t retract from the touch. Her
 slit is dripping with her juices. I flog her again this time across her breast. A moan breaks from
 her throat as she arches towards me. The twinkling of the bells and her gasping breathe the only
 sounds in the room.
Here is what reviewers are saying.
Poppet Author says, " I dare say, I am sure most girls will now be hoping to receive a black lily as compensation for not getting their invitation to Hogwarts *smiles*. Big girls will all want a Black Lily and a night in that club!"
Julie Newberry says, " I really liked this book, it brought you into the whole BDSM scene slowly, ideal for a new reader, just starting out and wanting to learn more about the scene, with a wonderful love story intertwined in it"
Have a wonderful week.. stayed tuned. I have some hot new swag coming. I will run a contest after it comes in.
Until next time, stay naughty

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